Hangmans Noose

from by Doomsilla

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Hollow alone existence- Life is loss & Death- Death & Fucking Suffering!


9 Hangmans Noose
Where can we go ?
where have we really been ?
when you look in the mirror
staring at you is the dead.......

the years of wasted dreams
the words that you never said
another pill another regret
off into into the hole again

the body grows weak
but still I must carry on
maybe just one more drink
stumble into tomorrow......

to whom it may concern
did you really think I'd hide ?
did you really think you'd fuck ?
with me and my mind

those childhood years
more then passed and gone
now that the world is tired of you
but your still ready for war........

rid my life now of your filth................
quiet place where one can die....
extinct from the cycle that we live.....
a cycle I have grown to despise...
the heart beats with fury....
when your instinct is to survive
tangled in your severed arteries
when light turns to demise

when anxiety laces with doom
and you go though the script
surrounded by your enemies
who all share a fake laugh
cowards travel in packs
when not on their knees
sucking off their false leaders
and swallowing their seed

its just the end of the world
it was burnt out anyway
your children are now slaves
they fill the mass graves
when your told what to say
and taught what to think
they lust your funeral
but savor your pain.........

False profits who lead your life
bitter lords of the underground
none of that shit matters anymore
as your rotting joins the earth.
and again my friends
there is nothing.....
life is loss and death
...death and fucking suffering.....................Die


from Join The Cult, released December 28, 2015



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