Tormented in the Tombs of Slumber

from by Doomsilla

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Sludge horror doom


1 Tormented in the Tombs of Slumber
Tormented in my sleep
The horrors I see are real
Voices of the damned
The Father of the chills
Tore like rancid meat
Terror's that I feel
Blessed with Blasphemy
When will they kill

The smell of addiction
Dripping from the wound
Pulling and pulling
Till my skin tear's
Vile desecration
Pouring out some more
Smashing my own head
On the floor
Scum filled nails
Dig into my chest
Pulling out my heart
Feed it the rats!!!
Tearing my cock
With razor rodent teeth
Praying for death
In the gurgled screams

The clenching of rotten teeth
Bloody fingers on the walls
Laying in disease
Decomposing in my dreams

crawling and laying
In my own waste
There is no light at all!
Tear off my own face
Slowly tearing myself apart
Serenaded by their laughter
I can taste my own shit
No gods to save me I will die alone
Should I kill myself in my own sleep

Bodies are laying
In piles decaying
With maggots are praying
As the carcass swells
Drowning in vomit
Well who needs a coffin
You will be eaten
To the bone today
The flies wait in hunger
For their eternal slumber
They are the creatures
Who feed of god's play
Witness's the madness
Forbidden is sadness
Is this a dream
Or how it all ends
Gripping on memories
Your stained with debauchery
Never forgotten
The way that you lived
Spun in the web prison
That slowly you die in
Numb from the venom
That runs through your veins
The end of your journey
Drained of all your energy
Hung out as example
For the bandits of sleep
Taken in the spiral
Driven by the viral
Cut off your own fingers
So you can stay awake

Tormented in my sleep
The horrors I see are real
Voices of the damned
The Father of the chills

Tormented in my sleep
Let me hear your scream
Death is Fucking real
As is the hate.

Monsters wait to feed
Left to die alone
Your prayers are unheard
Creatures of the curse

The body is unleashed
They shit out the soul
Children of the night
Who worship the ghoul

There is no savior here
We do what killers do
Tormented in my sleep
Only to awake in Hell


from Join The Cult, released December 28, 2015
Gruesome- screams



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