Red Light Executioner

from by Doomsilla

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Killing - cleansing, murderous death metal


5 Redlight Executioner
Hand over mouth
knife to the throat
victim of my mind
toy that I chose
stalker of the night
junkie for blood
go ahead and run
there's nowhere to go!!!
I hear your heartbeat
it feeds my erection
a moment of silence
now time for dissection

I am creeping when they are sleazing
use your blood to paint my face!!

first victim I'll never forget
my fascination of death
mentally I keep the prize
of the look in their eyes

remorse I lost as a kid
why should happiness ever live
Nordic summer of terror
history written in blood

My tools are ready to make you a believer
slowly slicing life's excess fat away

whore make sure you know my name
you are trapped now in my game

city has no goddamn heart
chews you up tears you apart
I am here to remove your pain
scream my fucking name!!

I am creeping when they are sleazing
use your blood to paint my face!!

legend to be
master of gore
give me some more
feed my disease
bleeds fucker bleed

wrapped in insanity you squirm
caught In my twisted world
part wolf and I'm part man
following the devils plan
they call me the saint of misery
they call me the brutal End......


from Join The Cult, released December 28, 2015
Antonio Freyre Ascencio- 1st guitar solo. Gruesome- monster sample.



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