Lord of the Gutter

from by Doomsilla

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Filthy addictions horror & suicide


3 Lord of the Gutter
I am the lord of suicide and sorrow
A razor to the wrist
The Master's satisfied
That warm rush numbs the worm inside

The time has come
To feed the beast
And puncture the vein
A junkies need
Yes kill your self
And fuck this life
Before it fucks your first
Your only as hollow
As what u swallow
Now your fucking dead

And at the Burial
My so called friends
I will haunt you till the end.........

And when I rise
To fuck and feed
Ill hunt your young
They will worship me
I'm the keeper of the Graves

The teeth grind slowly as the reaper nest's
The terror in your eyes
But its you who called my name.
Walking lifeless into the spiral of human waste

Horrendous hallucination
Your tap is dry
We all leave this place alone
You want salvation
To be the one
High as one can be

Your only as hollow
As the shit you swallow
Your coffin ride begins....

The Liars kingdom
Devotion means nothing
Your reality is gone

Children of the street
Vein stabbing fiend
Lets spread disease
Of our infected dream

Until there is no more life to drain
Peaceful silence after beautiful tragedy
you will kill for it ?
And bleed for it
You will fuck for it
And rape for it
You will steal for it
You will lie for it
You will suffer for it
You will rot for it
You will die for it

I am the lord of the suicide and sorrow
You wont be missed
The Master's satisfied
The worm feasts on the dead inside
I'm dead inside


from Join The Cult, released December 28, 2015



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