Graverobbers From Hell

from by Doomsilla

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epic doom laden atmosphere - kill for us - die for us - join us...


12 Graverobbers From Hell
Light creeps through holes in the sky
Hope when the figure appears
There's so much for you to fear
Frozen land and boiling seas
the earth 's crust begins to peal
winds blow south the casket dust
as the reaper eyes up the scene
Take me planet and silence the pain
Of a life that was drenched in sin
Saw the light but worshiped the black
A prisoner to my skin
Taught by the wicked of violent crimes
We search for a reason why
We all new it would end like this
And we knew it was only time
They took the children into the camps
And taught them how to think
The nights are filled with pleas for life
Suicide is to find relief

Take this corpse as an offering
The witch doctor sets his trance
Bleeding out last moments of life
The dying begin to dance

they came to take us from this pain
the hate bleeds into your mind
Slowly learning how to use our minds
They teach us how to die

The sun gives a portrait of death
As the cosmic monsters have struck
They spare no life they remove the old
To silence tales of their lust

Burn the land to the ground
Snort lines of the ash
They pray to their god of war below
They wait for his final command
The end of the world is now here
The grave robbers from hell

ride through to conjure their spawn
collecting corpses under the moon

On the black horse of death they ride
Making fires in the purple sky
Bleed into the pure white dreams
That cursed this fucking life
March through the flames of hell they must
And then they are burnt alive
Dripping with hate and charred black flesh
The strongest will rise again
To hunt down a so called chosen one
To serve the angel who fell

Lurk deep with no hope for a tomorrow

We will all be dead by the morning
Enjoy your last breath
Say goodbye to the world
The pain will finally be over
The sun has set for its last time
There will be no more moons
They have finally cured disease
It called for total extinction
No more sorrow , no more more misery
what did we ever expect
when we raped our own future
flaming souls light the path
for the grave robbers from hell

our will
There is no life left to drain
what could we ever expect...
when we raped our own future
The End has Come
For us


from Join The Cult, released December 28, 2015



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